A Symposium on
Catholicity in the Church of England
Southwark Cathedral
Saturday, 4th November, 2017

Why is the Catholic voice in the Church of England in decline?

How was Catholicity conceived when it was still prominent?

How is it understood now?

How can we renew our understanding of Catholicity to contribute to the life and mission of the Church of England in our own time?

In 1946 Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher invited some prominent Anglo Catholics to explore divisions between Catholics and Protestants, the essential points of doctrinal division, and possibilities for synthesis, or at least co-existence, within one Church. This group was chaired by Michael Ramsey (then Van Mildert Professor at Durham) and included Gregory Dix, Harry Carpenter, Eric Abbott, Austin Farrer, TS Eliot, Lionel Thornton and Ambrose Reeves. In 1947 they published their report, 'Catholicity: A Study in the Conflict of Christian Traditions'

For an introduction to and summary of the report click here

The 2017 Symposium

The 1947 report will be the starting point for our discussion on November 4th. There will be a survey of Anglo Catholic history since 1947, a review of Catholic understanding amongst ordinands today at St Stephen's House and Mirfield, a theological reflection on the report and an appraisal of Catholic mission. The speakers will be

  • The Rt Revd Graham James, Bishop of Norwich (in the chair)

  • Dr Andrew Chandler, Professor in Modern History, University of Chichester

  • The Revd Fr Peter Allan, CR, Principal, College of the Resurrection

  • The Revd Canon Dr Robin Ward, Principal of St Stephen's House

  • The Revd Dr Carolyn Hammond, Fellow and Dean of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

  • The Revd Dr Andrew Davison, Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Sciences, and Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

  • The Rt Revd Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

The Society of the Faith is sponsoring this Symposium as a major contribution to the life of the Church, and intends to publish the proceedings in due course. For further information about the Society of the Faith click here

The Symposium will run from 9.45 am to 4.30 pm.
Cost per person is £30 - coffee, lunch and tea provided.

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